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MenuVu Fulfilling Expectations

It is difficult to amaze anyone with a printed menu. Everyone will have different choice of food and also you can’t provide customers the vision of how the food looks with paper menu. People visit the restaurants based on online reviews or recommendations or they just go to the restaurant where they frequently visit. This drops down the customer retention and engagement.

MenuVu brings the menu in live. With this customers can have an interactive dine-in experiences and minimizes the risk of customers choosing the food which doesn’t meet their expectations. MenuVu eliminates the confusion among the customers by showing them the ingredient, portion and appearance by bringing the reality food to life. With this customer expectations are met which also evolves your customer service.

Menu vu works
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What is MenuVu?

MenuVU is a next generation menu card system where customers will view food in 3D. Developed using augmented reality that greatly enhances the food selection and ordering process in restaurants by enabling users to see the food items live on their table.

MenuVu is a pioneering tool which allows you to significantly change the way you present the menu and engage the customers in ordering the food.